2.4L / 2.7L Hellcat Snout Porting Service


Expect gains of 40-60rwhp on 2.4L (Hellcat / Trackhawks / Durango HC / TRX) Superchargers paired with a 108mm Throttle body, and 80-125rwhp gains on 2.7L (Demon / Redeye) Supercharger paired with a 105mm Throttle body!

Snout Porting
CORE Exchange Program (+$600.00)
Don't want to wait for your snout porting? Order a ready-to-use ported snout with our CORE Exchange Program:
  • We send you a 105mm ported Hellcat/Demon Snout ready to install!
  • You send us your stock supercharger snout and receive a core fee refunded upon arrival.
    • $450 will be refunded for a stock Hellcat supercharger snout. (2.4L)
    • $550 will be refunded for a stock Demon supercharger snout. (2.7L)
Customer must send in their stock snout within 14 days of receiving the ported snout to be eligible for a core refund.
Stock Hellcat Snout (2.4L)
Stock Demon Snout (2.7L)
Stock Hellcat Snout (2.4L)
Stock Demon Snout (2.7L) (+$700.00)
I understand I must send my snout to FAS Motorsports' address listed on the contact page, and that any order placed for a CORE Exchange item cannot be refunded or returned.
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FAS Motorsports 2.4L Hellcat, Trackhawk, Durango Hellcat and 2.7L Demon / Redeye Snout Porting. 

We have seen 40-60rwhp gains on 2.4L (Hellcat/Trackhawks/Durango HC/TRX) Superchargers paired with a 108mm Throttle body, and 80-125rwhp gains on 2.7L (Demon/Redeye) Supercharger paired with a 108mm Throttle body!

  • The turn around time for snout porting is 5-7 Days.
  • Ship to our shipping address 16120 Lee Rd Unit 160 Fort Myers FL 33912

We also keep core Hellcat / Demon snouts in stock for quicker turn around times through our CORE Exchange Program.

No need to send your supercharger snout off for porting and wait for it to come back! We have you covered!

We will send you a ported Hellcat or Demon snout right to your door ready to install! You will need to remove the sensors from your stock supercharger snout, and install them onto the new ported snout we send. You have 14 days from the time that the ported snout arrives to return your stock supercharger snout to us. When it is returned, we will send you back a core fee of $350 for a Hellcat supercharger snout. We will send $550 back for a Demon supercharger snout. If we do not receive tracking information or any communication within the 14 day period, the customer will not be refunded any money.

  • The turn around time can exceed two weeks if we do not have any ported snouts in stock, contact us if you want to learn more about shipping times for ported Hellcat / Demon Snouts.
  • Ship your stock snout to our shipping address labeled- CORE Exchange Program