2.4L Hellcat Billet Supercharger Snout



The F.A.S. Motorsports 2.4L Hellcat Billet Supercharger Snout!

Our goal was to make a much more affordable billet snout option with an over all improved design than anything else on the market. This took over a year or trial and error, and testing. We took our time to test our parts and make sure the design is 100% before offering it to customers.

Our Billet Supercharger Snout is far superior to any ported OEMsnout on the market. Our billet snout features a true 108mm inlet which mates perfectly to our all new billet 108mm throttle body! This allows to as much airflow as possible!

Our Billet Snouts will hands down out flow any ported OEM snout on the market, and features a 108mm inlet as standard ¬†These snouts also are fully ORING’D (no other snout on the market features this) on the backside so no more worrying about snout gaskets or RTV!